New Trend For Outdoor Music Events: Concerts - Pop Concert

New Trend For Outdoor Music Events: Concerts - Pop Concert

Today's trend is emerging for concerts that bring attendees to live music, enjoying the music they have missed over the past year while still ensuring the number of attendees and physical distancing. suitable for an outdoor music event.

Why are concerts the trend these days?

Keeping up with current trends and to suit the period when the whole world is in a "new normal", outdoor music organization forms must also be adjusted to suit new changes while still ensuring the originality. quality to the audience. Concerts - Pop concerts ensure that condition by giving attendees the opportunity to return to live performances, weekly or quarterly depending on the organizers' regulations. For performances, the audience will buy tickets in small batches, regulating the number of attendees and ensuring social distancing according to the law.

At some venues, concerts with small pods guarantee seating for two, four or groups of six. This form of organization attracts more attendees because it not only ensures that the audience can watch the artists perform live on stage, but also helps attendees "gather" in groups of friends and family while still having fun. Keep your distance, have your own space and separate yourself from others.

And in outdoor, open space conditions, attendees are still required to wear masks when going out, entering or moving around other places within the organization's premises.

New Trend For Outdoor Music Events: Concerts - Pop Concert

Things to "consider" when coming up with ideas for a concert - Pop concert

Target Audience:

  • - Age: Are you aiming for teenagers, young adults, or a broader range?
  • - Musical Preferences: Consider the current trends in pop music and what subgenres might resonate with your audience (e.g., dance-pop, pop-rock, electropop, etc.).
  • - Demographics: Think about location, ticket prices, and any cultural considerations that might influence who attends.

Concert Theme & Atmosphere:

  • - Concept: Will it be a single artist concert, a multi-artist festival, or a tribute concert?
  • - Visuals: What kind of stage design, lighting, and special effects will create an immersive and memorable experience?
  • - Vibe: Do you want a high-energy concert with lots of audience participation, or a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere?

Artist Selection:

  • - Popularity: Consider the popularity of the artist(s) and their touring schedule.
  • - Genre Fit: Ensure the artist(s) align with your target audience's musical preferences.
  • - Budget: Artist fees can vary greatly, so factor in costs when making selections.

New Trend For Outdoor Music Events: Concerts - Pop Concert

Logistics & Practicalities:

  • - Venue: Choose a venue that can accommodate the expected audience size and has the technical capabilities to support the desired production.
  • - Date & Time: Consider factors like holidays, competing events, and weather (especially for outdoor concerts).
  • - Marketing & Promotion: Develop a targeted marketing strategy to reach your audience and generate excitement for the concert.
  • - Ticketing & Pricing: Determine the pricing structure for tickets and choose a ticketing platform that is user-friendly and secure.

Additional Considerations:

  • - Opening Acts: Will there be any opening acts to build anticipation for the main performer(s)?
  • - Merchandise: Offer concert T-shirts, hats, or other merchandise to create additional revenue and enhance the fan experience.
  • - Sustainability: Explore environmentally friendly practices like using reusable water bottles or partnering with local vendors.

New Trend For Outdoor Music Events: Concerts - Pop Concert

By carefully considering these factors, you can develop a strong concept for your pop concert that will be a hit with your target audience!

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